Biting Insect Facts, Identification & Prevention

Biting insects such as bed bugs, fleas, and lice are some of the most difficult and pesky pests to keep out of your home. They are difficult to see with the naked eye and have quick and large reproduction cycles. To get rid of these tiny creatures, it’s important to know more about them, including what makes them tick.

Bed Bugs

Infamously named after their favorite hiding spot, bed bugs can cause problems to whomever they are around. Just one pregnant bed bug can create a complete infestation in three months. While most people don’t see any physical symptoms from bed bug bites, others will get red irritating and itchy welts from bed bug bites. To get rid of these minuscule creatures, you’ll need to take action as soon as you find evidence of them. First, make sure to call us at All Seasons Pest Control to get one of our professional exterminators to assess the infestation, create a plan of action, and exterminate your unwanted house guests for good. You will also want to vacuum all surfaces, wash and dry any linens and curtains, and continue to check the affected area for bed bugs in months following.


Most people associate fleas with a pest only your pet might encounter. While fleas do love feeding on animals, they don’t exclusively bite your pets. Fleas will grasp onto any living thing, including people, which can be dangerous because they carry diseases. That is why it is crucial to de-flea your house as soon as you find them. There are steps you can take to prevent fleas, such as vacuuming and putting flea collars on your pets. It is essential to call a professional to ensure that you completely eradicate them from your home. Fleas are tricky, but our exterminators are knowledgeable about their life cycles and habits to help get rid of your fleas for good.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Sneaky biting bugs are stressful, but we can help. If you live in Tacoma, Olympia or other surrounding cities, give us a call. We are very committed to our customers, see for yourself in our customer reviews.

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