Termite Facts, Identification & Prevention

Termites, a word that sends absolute dread through every home and property owner alike.  Termites can cause intense levels of damage to structures. Due to the intensity of their damage, it is important to treat the problem as soon as you become aware. Treating termites before severe damage can save you thousands of dollars.

The longer termites have to feed on your property, the more costly the repairs become. So, how can you identify and treat for termites?

Identification and Infestation

Though there are a variety of termite species, we only have the damp wood termite and the subterranean termite in Washington.

Dampwood termites are only associated with wet rotting wood. And because they live in the wood that they are working on, the colony can be removed by simply performing repairs and eliminating the source of the moisture.

Sub termites, however, live in the ground and come up from the colonies through protective mud tubs to feed on the wood in your home. Finding these mud tubes on foundation walls or cracks in the slab can indicate the presence of sub termites. These termites are usually found during the course of repairs or through a quality home inspection.

Common Termite Type Insects


To effectively treat your subterranean termite problem, call a licensed pest management company to assess your property and make a treatment plan. At All Seasons Pest Control, our treatment plans have a customized approach incorporating state of the art transfer products and soil injections. All of our products are EPA registered and perfectly labeled for use around your home.

All Seasons Pest Control

Unfortunately even the most prepared homeowners can sometimes fall victim to a subterranean termite infestation. If you find yourself in need of termite control in Tacoma, call All Seasons Pest Control. With over 35 years of quality experience, we get rid of your termites for good and give you piece of mind.

Infestations are stressful. That is why we only offer the best service. Just ask our loyal customers.

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