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Are you playing an unwilling host to rodents? Strange sounds, droppings, evidence of nesting or even sightings could all be indicators that you have a rodent infestation. Mice and rats aren’t just unpleasant visitors to your premises; they also spread a number of unpleasant diseases. In addition, particularly if you own a business in the hospitality or care sector, an untreated pest problem might even mean you’re compromising the health and safety of your clients. In these circumstances and more, we can help.

Experienced Rodent Control Services in Tacoma

We offer a fast, competent solution to all your rodent problems. If you suspect you have pests on your property, one call to us and we will come out and resolve the issue. It’s important to get in touch as soon as you think there may be rodents – they are prolific breeders, so numbers can rise rapidly without swift intervention. Sadly, the pests are unlikely to move on by themselves; rapid elimination is vital to maximize the chances of permanent removal.

Modern Methods And Safe Removal

Trying to get rid of pests yourself can be dangerous; not only is there the risk of failing to complete the job, cornered rodents can present a significant hazard, particularly if you are attempting to remove their nest. To avoid the risk of a nasty bite, why not let us get the job done? We have the right equipment to eliminate your pests safely, causing minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Discreet Rodent Control In Tacoma, Gig Harbor, University Place, Puyallup And Lakewood, WA

As an experienced, well-established pest control company, we appreciate the need for discretion when we visit – we appreciate that you do not want your pest problem widely recognized! To take advantage of a visit from our courteous, professional and skilled team, or to find out more about the pest control services we offer, call us at (800) 535-5602.

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