Occasional Invaders Facts, Identification & Prevention

As their name suggests, occasional invaders are certain insects that only become a problem at certain times of the year. Though these bugs are not ongoing pests, they can be a nuisance. Additionally, these occasional invaders can damage fabrics, emit foul odors, stain household items, trigger allergic reactions, and even bite or pinch you. It is important to prevent, identify and control infestations because these invaders can cause damage and discomfort. Contact our pest control team to take care of these common occasional invaders:

Seed Bugs

Seed Bugs are approximately 3/8 inch in length and are black with red and gray markings. They prefer to over-winter in large numbers within structures. They can enter under doors and siding, and through windows and vents. Seed Bugs are harmless but their large numbers can become a nuisance.

Western Conifer Seed Bug

This particular seed bug is a relatively large insect, approximately 1 inch in length. Its coloration is reddish-brown with black markings. They are usually very slow movers and are harmless. They are frequently found on and in homes in the fall.


A moist and warm place is an earwig’s ideal habitat. Earwigs typically feed on fruit, vegetables, mold, fungi, and garbage, so bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens are some of the most common areas you can find them. The “pincers” on the back of an earwig are called cerci and assist with egg laying. Earwigs are harmless.

Asian Ladybugs

Asian ladybugs like to overwinter in large numbers within structures. During the Fall, they can enter around windows, doors, and eaves and emerge when the weather gets warm in the Spring. Ladybugs are harmless, but if they get in your home they can stain walls or furniture and secrete a foul odor.


Millipedes differ from their close relative, the centipede in that they have two sets of legs per body segment rather than one. In the South Puget Sound region, millipedes can emerge from the lawn and garden during very wet weather and congregate around driveways, sidewalks, patios, and door frames. Millipedes are harmless, however, their large numbers may become a nuisance.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) is a new introduction to our region. They are brown, shield-shaped insects and are approximately 5/8 inch in length. These stink bugs are a significant agricultural pest. Similar to the Asian Lady Bug, they can overwinter in homes in large numbers. The BMSB is harmless but may create foul-smelling stains.

Black Vine Weevil

The Black Vine Weevil is a pest of broad-leaf evergreens such as rhododendrons and salal. They are approximately 1/2 inch in length, black and hard shelled. They occasionally wander into homes for shelter. The Black Vine Weevil is harmless but can be a nuisance.

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It is important to seal cracks and crevices, close doors and windows all the way, and clean and vacuum often to prevent any of these occasional invaders. If you think you may already have unwanted insects in your home, there are steps you can take to eliminate them. Contact All Seasons Pest Control today to have one of our pest management professionals come to your home to explain our pest prevention programs and provide you with a free estimate.

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